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Sakura sketching pen

100% hand drawn

A1 original size

2017/05 - 2019/05

Shortlisted in
ArchiGraphicArt Internaltional Competition of Architecture Drawing

Category: Drawing Modern Architecture


La Sagrada Familia


Church under construction for more than a century. It is presented at the timing in 2017. The dynamic shape of its shadow makes it stand out in the urban background of strong grid.


It was intended to present in the status of fully completed form. However, I believe the capture of a specific timing of its construction history gives this piece a unique value. 

La Monumental

1914 art nouveau bullring, now used for concerts & shows, with a bullfighting history museum inside.

It was challenging to illustrate the shadow on the roof of the ring. By applying lines in different densities, I was able to give the roof a clear structure.


Avinguda Diagonal


The avenue cuts the city in two, diagonally with respect to the grid pattern of the surrounding streets, hence the name.

It was originally projected by engineer and urban planner Ildefons Cerdà as one of the city's wide avenues, which along with Avinguda Meridiana would cut the rationalist grid he designed for l'Eixample.

There are multiple landmarks along the avenue. Feel free to find them out.


Trees in sphere shape are lined up in the illustration to highlight the existence of the avenue in the entire urban texture.

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